Metso Outotec provides to mill discharge slurry pump vary

Metso Outotec has introduced the MDM900, one of the world’s largest mill discharge slurry pumps, designed for heavy-duty use in concentrator plants, to its Mill Discharge (MD) Pump Series.
The new Metso Outotec MDM900 pump. – Image: Metso Outotec
The MDM900 is for use where capacity and wear-resistance are essential and is an all-metal, thick-walled, further heavy-duty pump designed particularly for extremely arduous mill responsibility applications.
The MDM900 mill discharge slurry pump features flows as a lot as 13,500 m³/h (60,000 gpm) and heads as much as 40 m (132 ft). It has a FR2100 frame, and impeller diameter of 2100 mm (83 inches) and an inlet dimension of 900 mm (36 inches)
Metso Outotec MD Series pumps have been designed for efficient operation and lengthy wear life to match the mill’s uptime. ตัววัดแรงดันน้ำมัน are available two tailor-made options, MDM and MDR. The MDM (Mill Discharge Metal) pumps can be found in measurement ranges of 250-900, and the MDR (Mill Discharge Rubber) models are out there in measurement ranges of 250-700. Both pump varieties are suited to heavy-duty use in concentrator vegetation offering excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion.
Diwakar Aduri, product manager for MD Pumps at Metso Outotec, stated: “Slurry handling is important in maximising a minerals processing plant’s productiveness and efficiency. The advanced design of the MDM900 permits minimised slurry velocities in the pumps, thus lowering the rate of put on and tear significantly.”

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