Three new N-Eupex couplings and optimised flexible elements

Flender is increasing the portfolio of its versatile coupling sequence N-Eupex by introducing three new types. The new products permit customers further flexibility in their methods without losing the compact design and high load capability of a pin coupling.
The new N-Eupex ERN is equipped with a torque limiter, which supplies much more
safety within the drivetrain in lots of applications. The coupling variant permits customers to
specify a most torque in order that important torques for the motor and output machine
are not transmitted. Machines and methods are protected against overload and
injury, thus significantly increasing system availability.
With the N-Eupex B plus clamping factor, Flender introduces a second new
coupling that ensures frictionally engaged clamping connections. In this case, the
plain, cylindrical machine shaft finish is related to the coupling hub by way of a clamping
connection and not using a feather key and service capacity is elevated. For example,
meeting or replacement of worn elastomers can be carried out rather more simply.
No connecting machine parts should be moved, the time required is halved
and so is the downtime of the machine.
With the N-Eupex DKS, a brand new double-cardanic coupling is introduced as a “short
version” into Flender’s modular system. While the DK sort, which was launched in
2020, addresses the pump market with normal growth pieces for normed shaft
distances, the DKS is the shortest possible double-cardanic answer for the market.
The shortened overall size permits cost-optimized use with a small shaft distance
dimension without shedding the benefits of a double-cardanic coupling connection.
New elastomers for the pin couplings round off the modular extensions. In addition
to the previously used rubber elements made from NBR, Flender now also offers
elastomers made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Following the torque
increase for all N-Eupex couplings with NBR packings in 2020, the use of TPU
packings allows the power density to be elevated by one other 20 p.c on
average. For sizes 300 and above, the acquainted NBR elastomer is combined with
fabric inserts and the torque capability is again raised.
“With เกจวัดน้ำยาแอร์refco to the long tradition of cam couplings, our improvement engineers are
systematically working on increasing the variety of combinations even additional. The
2022 enhancements give our users a extensive range of sustainable options for
optimizing their machines and techniques even more and decreasing maintenance,”
explains André Artmann, Head of Coupling Sales.

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