RoHS marking and certificates

I am often asked, “How is a RoHS marking actually carried out?” The quick answer: EU RoHS will, from 22nd July 2017, be visible in the CE marking and the declaration of conformity linked to it. China RoHS conformant instruments carry a green logo. Non-conformant instruments in accordance with China RoHS carry an orange logo and require a manufacturer’s declaration.
Here, once more, in detail:
EU RoHS marking
EU RoHS is part of the EU declaration of conformity for all products with CE marks. For the majority of WIKA products with electrical functions, the requirement in accordance with the 2011/65/EU DIRECTIVE of 8th June 2011 Article 4(3) applies “… to industrial monitoring and control instruments which are placed on the market from 22nd July 2017.” For all products with CE marks, the corresponding EU declaration of conformity is available on the product detail pages (“Approvals” tab) at
China RoHS marking
Today, instruments which fall under China RoHS must already be marked with the corresponding China RoHS logo on the product label. With compact products, the regulation SJ/T11364-2014 “Marking for the Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances in Electronic and Electrical Products” allows corresponding marking on the packaging label. For products with the “orange-coloured logo” or RoHS marking “10”, the corresponding manufacturer’s declarations “Declaration of manufacturer according to China RoHS” are available on the product detail pages (“Documents” tab) at
diaphragm seal marking “e”
The green logo (alternatively black) shows an “e in a circle” and means that no hazardous substances have been used in the product. A manufacturer’s declaration is not required.
RoHS marking “10”
The orange-coloured logo (alternatively black) shows a “10 in a circle” and indicates the use of restricted substances and presence of a corresponding manufacturer’s declaration “Declaration of manufacturer according to China RoHS”.
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