PG Flow Solutions pumps selected for Norwegian smolt facility

A render of the model new smolt facility.
Sterner AS has chosen PG Flow Solutions to ship 15 pump techniques for the model new smolt facility that it’s building for Sande Settefisk in Sandane, Norway.
The new facility will improve annual smolt (salmon and rainbow trout) production from a million to five million on the company’s site in Sandane.
ตัววัดแรงดัน will supply nine of its giant circulation pumps and 6 pumps for stripping CO2 from water.
The circulation pumps are able to pumping giant volumes of water with low stress. They might be used to pump fresh water into the RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) facility’s three departments. The CO2 stripper pumps will help ensure solid manufacturing and low ranges of organic waste at the facility.
The plant will have three departments, each with a maximum feeding of 1500 kilograms per day. It will encompass a hatchery with RAS technology and two grow-out departments, one with a flow-through system and one with RAS know-how.
“This is an bold funding by Sande Settefisk. We are very proud to be chosen as subcontractor to Sterner, who has built up a strong status for delivering fish-friendly water remedy solutions,” mentioned Øyvind Berg, vice president of sales and marketing at PG Flow Solutions.
The pump techniques will be assembled and examined at PG Flow Solutions’ fabrication and test facility in Sande, Norway.

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